Content strategy in the insurance industry: A Q&A with Peter van Aartrijk

Organizations are increasingly aware of the value of a well-defined content strategy, and the role of content marketing as part of their effort to communicate their message and win business. But progress toward developing such strategies and effective content marketing programs varies from company to company—and even from industry to industry. I recently had the […]

Confessions of an executive ghostwriter (part 2 of 2)

As my colleague Annie Mullowney wrote last week, using a ghostwriter for thought leadership is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, today’s business readers increasingly expect C-suite executives to be accessible, be it through formal communications or selfie snaps on Instagram. Much of that content (particularly the selfies) comes from the executives themselves, but […]

Confessions of an executive ghostwriter (part 1 of 2)

People don’t like to talk about ghostwriting. Its very name connotes secrecy—something you don’t see, don’t hear about. When we do hear about ghostwriting, it’s often a scandal. Take the artist Drake, for instance. In July of last year, his friend-turned-rival, Meek Mill, a fellow hip-hop artist, accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics. […]

Content is king, but social media has a place in the court

Social media might get a lot of buzz, but an article I read recently suggested that from a search engine optimization perspective, content-heavy sites have a significant advantage over social media. The article focused on a recent Searchmetrics report examining 2015’s SEO visibility “winners and losers.” Topping the list of winners was Others holding […]

8 misconceptions about graphic design

Whether we’re battling deadlines, competing with charlatans, or reacting to ever-changing client demands, designers have their hands full. Read below to find out what this job is all about. Hint: It’s not as easy as it looks. 1. Graphic design is art. In reality, graphic design is more of a science. Graphic designers solve problems […]