8 misconceptions about graphic design

Whether we’re battling deadlines, competing with charlatans, or reacting to ever-changing client demands, designers have their hands full. Read below to find out what this job is all about. Hint: It’s not as easy as it looks. 1. Graphic design is art. In reality, graphic design is more of a science. Graphic designers solve problems […]

Content marketing and/or jazz enthusiasts: It’s time to rethink conventions

Recently, I was part of a jazz trio that played a corporate function for a medical device manufacturer hosting a cocktail reception to promote a product. As we began to play, a few things became apparent: first, although the client had requested jazz (think Ella, Frank, Miles, Charlie Parker), it was clear our contact really […]

How Donald Trump cut out the middle man—and what it means for you

I was listening to some political analysis on NPR recently, and the reporter noted a new trend that had surfaced in the GOP primary. A handful of candidates, led by Donald Trump, have dispensed with the traditional model of dealing with the media: rather than sending spokespeople to deliver an official message on the candidate’s […]

Branding, charts, layout: What does your design budget really buy?

Recently, Crain’s featured a story about a company called ConceptDrop that boasts a network of 350 freelance designers in more than 30 countries around the world. Essentially, the company connects clients with low-cost designers who can work fast. The ConceptDrop CEO estimates that 40 percent of his company’s clients need a final product within one […]