How Donald Trump cut out the middle man—and what it means for you

I was listening to some political analysis on NPR recently, and the reporter noted a new trend that had surfaced in the GOP primary. A handful of candidates, led by Donald Trump, have dispensed with the traditional model of dealing with the media: rather than sending spokespeople to deliver an official message on the candidate’s […]

Branding, charts, layout: What does your design budget really buy?

Recently, Crain’s featured a story about a company called ConceptDrop that boasts a network of 350 freelance designers in more than 30 countries around the world. Essentially, the company connects clients with low-cost designers who can work fast. The ConceptDrop CEO estimates that 40 percent of his company’s clients need a final product within one […]

Leff forms strategic partnership with Chicago Style SEO

On this blog, we’ve talked at length about the importance of understanding the thought leadership cycle and managing all three components—strategy, content development, and distribution. Leff Communications has been squarely focused upstream on content strategy and content development. In our discussions with clients, we regularly stress how the Internet has upended traditional content distribution: instead […]

What do album art and content marketing have in common?

This entertaining four-minute post will take you through the history of album art, from vinyl to compact discs, with a finale discussing what content marketers can learn from bands with a thoughtful, creative album packaging strategy. Anyone who thought that the closing of Tower Records in 2006 would take down vinyl albums with it couldn’t […]

An easy guide to B2B content marketing formats

This five-minute post covers the basics of B2B content marketing formats, from traditional articles to slide decks to blog posts. A month ago, we finished a slide-deck presentation for a client. The subject matter was dense, so the client had suggested the slide format as a new way to connect with her prospective clients via online […]