Worst. Christmas. Song. Ever.

Regardless of whether you treasure or dread the holiday season, there is some comfort in the rituals that accompany it. This year, the company decided to add a tradition of our own to the mix. The office is split (though not evenly) regarding holiday music: I and several other colleagues despise it, both for the […]

The SEO lowdown on content hubs: A Q&A with Chicago Style SEO’s Rod Holmes

Over the past year or so, we have increasingly been in conversations with clients about the benefits and drawbacks of setting up a content hub—that is, an online, curated repository for all of a company’s content, from thought leadership and blogs to video and other media. This concept isn’t new; many companies have made sustained […]

Does clickbait work in the B2B world?

Most of our clients are B2B companies with content marketing strategies that increasingly involve blogs, LinkedIn posts, social media, and other informal channels. So, as one would expect, our writers and designers increasingly need to adapt their style to convey a more conversational tone. Generally, writing in a relaxed style is a welcome relief. The […]

Figures of speech: Four schemes to spruce up your writing

In writing, it’s so important to add variety: of sentence length, sentence type, schemes, tropes. Do you want your reader to fall asleep to the cadence of your words? Not unless you write bedtime stories. Today, let’s talk about schemes. What are schemes? They’re figures of speech that are a deviation from the ordinary pattern […]

Five typography rules to design by

My colleague Brittany recently wrote a post on the “Five rules to write by.” (If you haven’t read it, check it out—after you finish reading this one, of course.) To complement her top five hard-and-fast rules for professional writing, I am sharing five typography rules for those who want to ensure their final documents and […]