Do the fundamentals of B2C communication translate to a modern B2B world?

Advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather is a fan of occasionally Tweeting advice from David Ogilvy, one of its namesakes. One recent Tweet included a brief memo penned by Ogilvy in 1982 on effective writing. As a time capsule from a simpler time when business communication was one way, very analog, and deliberate, it provides a […]

Leff Communications, emphasis on communications

As a client, it can be hard to express precisely what you want—largely because doing so requires you to know precisely what you want. Determining what you want typically entails lots of conversations and thinking on your end with many different groups of people. We’re not judging—this is truly difficult. It’s natural to feel like […]

The best content marketing strategy for your company: A B2B and B2C comparison

A couple weeks ago, my colleague Alia and I attended a webinar on how to build a content marketing methodology. We’ve both advised clients on various aspects of this challenge, but we were interested to hear how other companies approach it. The webinar material, particularly strategies for content distribution and promotion, was clearly geared to […]

Going for content marketing gold: The Olympic athlete approach

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games wrapped up on Sunday (stay tuned for the Paralympics, starting September 7 in Rio), and I was one of the many viewers wrapped up in the news from Brazil—from the inspirational wins to the scandals. Watching the world’s most gifted athletes compete against one another is a rousing show of […]

Five rules to write by

Last week, Scott and I had the honor of presenting at the Ragan PR Conference in Chicago. Our 45-minute session promised attendees instruction in “how to avoid the 10 cardinal sins of bad writing—and prevent your copy from ending up in the trash.” During our talk, PR pros noted their personal pet peeves as well […]

For better results, try a one-stop-shop approach to content development

Form, as they say, follows function, and so it should be with content development. In the ideal, the form of a thought leadership or content marketing effort—the editorial, the design, and the distribution—would all come together so that the finished product serves the intended function and most effectively communicates the desired message. Of course, not […]