What do album art and content marketing have in common?

This entertaining four-minute post will take you through the history of album art, from vinyl to compact discs, with a finale discussing what content marketers can learn from bands with a thoughtful, creative album packaging strategy. Anyone who thought that the closing of Tower Records in 2006 would take down vinyl albums with it couldn’t […]

An easy guide to B2B content marketing formats

This five-minute post covers the basics of B2B content marketing formats, from traditional articles to slide decks to blog posts. A month ago, we finished a slide-deck presentation for a client. The subject matter was dense, so the client had suggested the slide format as a new way to connect with her prospective clients via online […]

Video drones can help tell the story—as long as they aren’t the story themselves

Drones are the latest in the series of technological advances—digital editing, action shots courtesy of the GoPro camera, home recording studios thanks to ProTools—that have brought high-quality video production capabilities to the masses. Drones have the video production community abuzz, and for obvious reasons: with a nimble camera in the sky, directors can get sweeping […]

Ask the SEO expert: Your website is more than a validation tool

Company websites are ubiquitous. (If you don’t believe me, try running a client-service business without one.) However, not all websites are created equal. As part of a client project, I recently examined the websites of several of the client’s principal competitors and their content. I must say, I found the results somewhat surprising. It was […]

FARM Illinois: A powerful background industry steps into the light

The state of Illinois—along with much of the Midwest—is built on a foundation of food and agriculture. Illinois is the number-one state in the country for soybean production and second for corn production—two of the most versatile staple crops in the world—as well as fourth for hog inventory and sales. Those are impressive numbers. And […]

How to ensure your city’s self-image—and the policies that come from it—go beyond skin deep

When it comes to getting the facts to back up your opinions, who do you trust? How confidently do you repeat information you learned secondhand? How much do others trust you? There was a time, in the not too distant past, when the American public trusted that the news provided by the Fourth Estate was […]

Seven ways to give better feedback to your graphic designers

Graphic design is visual, but it’s not artwork. It’s used to achieve a specific business goal or solution. Each graphic design request is a collaboration, a problem-solving effort. Since it is a visual craft—one designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and to serve a purpose—graphic designers are constantly getting feedback. We’re used to it. However, there’s a […]

Want to create distinctive content? Even geniuses need to put in the time

This past November, I went to see Stevie Wonder play his epic double album (and four-song EP) Songs in the Key of Life in its entirety. As you would expect, the show was transcendent and reinforced the mind-blowing sweep of styles and influences that helped to produce this indelible record. Before “If It’s Magic,” a meditation […]