Storytelling is always evolving, and that’s a good thing

Much has been made of how digital technologies and mobile devices have resulted in shorter attention spans. That’s doubtless true—can you think of a time you made it through an article without at least one other thing vying for your attention? Technology has enabled the easy creation and distribution of all types of content, meaning […]

Date me! A (hopelessly unromantic) note from your company blog

Imagine this: You’re scouring the Internet for the latest thinking and current trends on a given topic. You find a great blog post on a company’s website—it offers insight, examples and statistics, and even a link to one of their case studies. You start taking down some notes when you realize that, alas, there’s no […]

Create your company’s editorial style guide in six steps

I love style guides so much that I’m writing a numbered list about them. With absolutely zero ado: 1. Recognize you have a problem. Every company that engages in any sort of marketing—which means every company—needs to ensure consistency in its publicly available materials. The reason is simple: In a world crowded with competitors, your […]

Hyphens, em dashes, and en dashes—what’s the difference?

There’s no shame in acknowledging that you don’t understand the diverse and distinct uses of hyphens, em dashes, and en dashes. In fact, it’s clear that the majority of the population doesn’t because we see them misused all the time. It’s almost like no one sits down with the 1,000-page Chicago Manual of Style for […]

Worst. Christmas. Song. Ever.

Regardless of whether you treasure or dread the holiday season, there is some comfort in the rituals that accompany it. This year, the company decided to add a tradition of our own to the mix. The office is split (though not evenly) regarding holiday music: I and several other colleagues despise it, both for the […]