Going for content marketing gold: The Olympic athlete approach

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games wrapped up on Sunday (stay tuned for the Paralympics, starting September 7 in Rio), and I was one of the many viewers wrapped up in the news from Brazil—from the inspirational wins to the scandals. Watching the world’s most gifted athletes compete against one another is a rousing show of […]

For better results, try a one-stop-shop approach to content development

Form, as they say, follows function, and so it should be with content development. In the ideal, the form of a thought leadership or content marketing effort—the editorial, the design, and the distribution—would all come together so that the finished product serves the intended function and most effectively communicates the desired message. Of course, not […]

Need to educate your clients on a regulation change? Here’s how to make it sexy

Accountants, lawyers, bankers, consultants, government entities—and even vendors who serve regulation-heavy industries such as health care and financial services—frequently have to explain regulatory changes to their customers. The goal is to educate and reassure in the face of change. Unfortunately, professionals most often fall short on this goal because their explanations are as difficult to […]

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: An inside look at a successful event-driven content strategy

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is well aware that a new age has dawned. Hosting hundreds of events a year is the first step;‎ to cultivate and lead useful and influential dialogue on important issues, you need to produce your own content that reaches audiences far and wide.‎ Under the leadership of Ambassador and President […]

Good in Englewood: Our work with Growing Home

Maybe you’ve heard of the hashtag #goodinenglewood, or maybe you haven’t. But I can speak firsthand of the truth behind this new neighborhood catchphrase. There are so many shining stars emerging in the Chicago Southside neighborhood, often known not for its good but for its struggles: crime, homelessness, joblessness. But as the #goodinenglewood movement seeks […]