Publishing evils: Protecting against plagiarism in thought leadership

“Plagiarism” is an ugly word. It can get you reprimanded, branded a thief, even kicked out of school or fired. These labels are tough to shake, particularly if word gets out—which it inevitably does, because internet. Whereas some plagiarism—such as that in the music industry—is arguably subjective and up to interpretation, in publishing it’s still […]

Leff Communications’ staff picks: January 2018

This month’s compilation ranges from the absurd to the poignant. From “Left Shark” to a fascinating exploration of the brain to our must-see Oscar pick, here are Leff’s January recommendations. Alia, account manager: With Sunday’s Super Bowl looming—and a bad case of New England Patriots fatigue sweeping the nation—there’s no better time to revisit the 2015 Super […]

Leff Communications’ top picks for November: Pluralizing your last name this holiday season, the truth about traveling by train, The Staples Singers, and more

We’re back with another content round-up. ‘Tis the season to sign a handful of greeting cards, and put an end to the oft-misused apostrophe at the end of last names. Refer to Slate’s guide and send those cards with confidence. On film, rail vacations are thrilling, enchanting, and romanticized—does that hold up in real life? […]

How to edit a PDF: An easy approach to a core professional services tool

The writers, editors, and designers at Leff Communications—and at all professional service firms—deal heavily in Microsoft Word documents and Adobe PDFs. Most of our articles, white papers, and reports start in Word and end in PDF as part of the editorial and design process. Word makes the editing process mercifully easy with track changes, document […]

Leff Communications’ top picks for October: SNL’s “Papyrus,” history of the 747, and more

From good-humored to intense, Leff shares the articles, video clips, and interviews that left us doubled over in laughter, charmed, and outright appalled. To unwind and stay in the know, we enjoy riffling through subscriptions, headlines, and news feeds, as do many of you. Each month, we’re reporting back with the findings that grabbed our […]