Leff Communications’ top picks: “Flying in America,” infernal cartography, “Gaugin: Artist as Alchemist,” David Sedaris, and corporate claptrap

Once a month, we’re highlighting stories, videos, podcasts, and other quality finds from around the web and beyond. Enjoy! From Annie, editorial associate: Always a sucker for things related to travel, and getting excited about my upcoming family road trip, I couldn’t resist this piece about flying around the United States for eight days. I’ve […]

Blogging isn’t dead, and other thoughts on B2B marketing strategies to boost audience engagement

Every so often, a critic prematurely declares a culture, trend, or style dead. The novel is dead. TV is dead. Blues, jazz, and hip hop are dead. Heck, culture itself is dead, depending on the source. Often fueled by nostalgia (and clickbait), these declarations are skewed and point to individual perception. Sure, books, the small […]

The world is ready for city foreign policies

Last week, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs hosted its third annual Chicago Forum on Global Cities, a conference that draws mayors, urban planners, philanthropists, businesspeople, and others concerned with how cities can learn from one another. I’ve attended the conference every year, and the conversation has evolved significantly as the US and international political […]

Are fragments acceptable in professional writing? Surely not.

I recently attended a Professional Speechwriters Association writing workshop called “How to write EVERYTHING.” (It was a busy day.) We were discussing ways to introduce shorter sentences into our writing, and the host said that “you can absolutely use sentence fragments in your writing.” Huh? I frantically looked around the room. Isn’t anyone going to […]

Our guide to developing an effective B2B content marketing strategy

Developing an effective B2B content marketing strategy requires an informed and coordinated approach. B2B companies should recognize how they differ from their B2C counterparts, align content investments with objectives at each point in the sales cycle, and invest in the capabilities to execute campaigns effectively. In our guide, we discuss how to make content work for […]

Content marketing: Creating a customer-first strategy

Content is playing an increasingly critical role in B2B marketing. Companies today offer an information-rich assortment of written posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, case studies, and more. That’s simply the expectation of today’s B2B customer, who learns about brands and their ideas through quality content rather than advertising. Companies that recognize and act on that expectation […]