How to edit a PDF: An easy approach to a core professional services tool

The writers, editors, and designers at Leff Communications—and at all professional service firms—deal heavily in Microsoft Word documents and Adobe PDFs. Most of our articles, white papers, and reports start in Word and end in PDF as part of the editorial and design process. Word makes the editing process mercifully easy with track changes, document […]

Leff Communications’ top picks for October: SNL’s “Papyrus,” history of the 747, and more

From good-humored to intense, Leff shares the articles, video clips, and interviews that left us doubled over in laughter, charmed, and outright appalled. To unwind and stay in the know, we enjoy riffling through subscriptions, headlines, and news feeds, as do many of you. Each month, we’re reporting back with the findings that grabbed our […]

Content trends you need to know

Every new digital channel alters customer behavior and changes the way that companies engage with them. To reach your target audience and gain a competitive edge, you need to keep pace on the latest trends in B2B marketing. In turn, identifying trends within an industry, especially marketing, where methods change frequently, can help businesses tailor […]

Leff Communications’ top picks for September: Museum Day Live!, the Chicago Football Classic, and Sturgill Simpson on tour

This month, as we cling to the final, surprising days of summery weather, we’re reading less and doing more. With the rising cost of museum admission, Museum Day Live!’s free entry gets our approval. The Bears are away in Green Bay at the end of this month, but you can still attend a live game […]

Leff Communications’ top picks for August: Revisiting Freaks and Geeks, a conversation with the coolest storytellers around, and more

Once a month, we highlight stories, videos, podcasts, and other quality finds from around the web and beyond. In the second installment of our monthly top picks series, we check out a conversation-driven podcast chock-full of prominent storytellers, a new perspective on writing in the passive voice, a tribute to Prince, summer festivals, and a […]

How to conduct research and use it to make your writing better in 3 steps

Research is a crucial part of any well-written piece. It provides detail, backs up arguments, and validates the authorial perspective. Good research, and, consequently, good writing preparation, also makes it much easier to actually do the writing, as you’ve gathered the necessary tools. But collecting research can be daunting. Back in college, and early in […]

In B2B content marketing, make sure form follows function

Recently, I was talking with a client about content formats, and we agreed that content must be tailored to the channels in which it’s distributed. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely, if ever, proves effective. Anyone who’s come across an interminably long blog post or a 25-page white paper without a summary understands the critical relationship between […]